2D CONCEPTS 2002-PRESENT:  Now and then I do some work for myself or for fun events.  I'm by no means a trained graphic designer but I like to play as one now and then.  The images below are examples of the work I like to do when I'm the only one reviewing it.  
This was a book I wrote for my son in 2015.  It's about video games and which are important to me so that he knows not to give them to Goodwill when I am dead :). 
Every year at the Trek World Show the design team does guerrilla marketing posters. We try to get a central message across each year that pertains to hats cool for that year.  We give them away for free and they 'sell out' in minutes.
This was for a recent bicycle-themed show titled 'Almost There'. The inspiration came from the video game Shadow of the Colossus.  The rider conquering the monster (mountain), the sword with a ray of light showing the way.  
F+ is the title of an exploration of to bridge 2D and 3D.  We were given a series of 'wing dings' we could work with.  This was done for the new design studio opening at Trek - entitled 'Thing One' it was an event for the creative group to explore a bit outside of the norm.
Invite for the BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) party 2008 - a somewhat annual party where the goal is to get people to show of their talent (art, cooking, music...whatever) and put it on display. 
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