Image above:  2024 Trek Circuit Wavecel.  I was design manager for the project and later did the production rendering.    
Image Above - The Trek Charge Wavecel.  I was lead designer and design manager on this one,
3D artist Luke Wittig did the rendering

The Wavecel helmet program,  Breakthrough design work by the team at Trek Bicycles including Robert Perri, Colin Hansel, Steve Baumann, and an amazing team of engineers that made it all come together.  I was design manager and an active designer on these groundbreaking helmets.
I was fortunate to work with Robert Perri ho was the lead model maker for all of Bontrager's helmets.  I learned the process from him, which is very hands-on and very iterative.
The Wavecel XXX is an evolution of the Ballista that was a groundbreaking helmet from the Bontrager team including Ivan Luccion.  We evolved the design and incorporated Wavecel technology to create a helmet just as fast, but now safer than ever.

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