Whether you're looking to tackle a tough design problem, or need help getting your project started, I can work with you to get it done.  I have been in product development and user experience design for nearly 20 years and know how to move projects forward with the end in mind; always anticipating what is next. 
 That's where the name ThinkForward Design came from.  I excel at the fuzzy front end and conceptualization, and have the technical skill to see projects all the way through. Combined with a local network of designers to work with, if it's a job that requires unique expertise, I can build a team that can get the job done. 

Talk to me about...
Qualitative research and insight gathering
Product definition and design strategy
Physical and digital interaction design 
Idea generation: Sketching, brainstorming, and prototyping to learn
CAD design and visualization:  Digital Rendering, Animation, and VR
Detailed CAD design and design for manufacturing
Materials, processes, color and finishes
Pixel by pixel animation.  In case you ever need it...I'm a little rusty though.​​​​​​​

Application Skills:  Illustrator | Photoshop | Premiere | SolidWorks | Sketchbook | Keyshot | ..and more (in training) 

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