RADICA GAMES [BOYS CATEGORY] 2001-2003:  I worked 2001-2003 for the now swallowed-up Radica Toys in Dallas, TX. Radica was the wild west for designers - we could invent entirely new game play experiences.  The pace was fast and furious (as it is in toy design) and the energy was high.  I was fortunate enough to work with a great team of people most which are still together now that Radica is part of Mattel. 
Cast Master Bass Fishing- A clever re-boot to Radica's classic electronic fishing game.
A few development images for Castmaster Bass Fishin'.  At Radica being a designer meant you were responsible for everything - graphics, animations, and sound fx;  We did the whole game experience which was super cool!
Skannerz Commander - The follow-up to the successful Skannerz UPC bar code battle game.  Scan a UPC, generate a monster, battle with friends!

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