The Trek Remedy was introduced in 2009 as a long-travel all-mountain bike.  As you'll see in the images, the bike evolved significantly over a decade: more sophisticated cable routing and hardware, cleaner lines (and thankfully bolder, more simplified graphics).  I worked on the 2009 model, and then returned to the mountain bike team to work on making improvements to the 2019/2020 models.  
Here is what a decade in mountain bike evolution looks like.  Leaps in engineering and technology and changes in rider tastes combine to evolve products for the better, the Remedy is still grounded in its roots.  
TREK REMEDY 2011:  The Trek Remedy was introduced in 2008 and has played a key role in Trek's mountain bike renaissance.  It has proven itself among the harshest of critics to be the world-class leader in its category.   As lead industrial designer on this project my key impact comes at the forefront of the project end user research (the riders!) that drives the form language so that it is appropriate for the category, honest to the brand, and emphasizes bold new technologies.
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