Officer K's Pistol from Bladerunner 2049.  Modeled in Fusion 360, Rendered with Substance Painter
Modeled in Fusion 360 this is a concept for an Analogue FPGA-based Nintendo 64.  While not a real product, I had some fun in Substance Painter making it look a bit used.   
Learning Autodesk Fusion 360.  Render output is from Fusion, no additional post processing.  Not quite as good as KeyShot, but considering the rendering capability is integrated right in (just switch from design to render), I find it quite acceptable!  This is a game console launched in Japan only, 1989.
My first Fusion 360 project:  I built this Panasonic RA-6600 stereo receiver from images like on Google, eBay, etc.  and then rendered it. I didn't have actual dimensions, so it is slightly off.  Renders are directly from Fusion 360.
A few color and graphic experiments with Substance Painter
Using Unreal Editor - Learning to use material blueprints and decals with a Trek frame I worked on a few years back.
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