I worked at Matsushita Floor Care Company (Panasonic) directly out of school.  The location was Danville, KY and I stayed there for exactly one year before moving on.  This exposure brought me rich experiences that I'll never forget - working with Japanese management was amazingly fun yet demanding.  The projects in this section consist of Kenmore products for Sears.
This was an all-new platform for Kenmore - the Progressive Upright.   The project was extensive and we leveraged LPK out of Cincinnati for their expertise in user research and product development.  They were a great group that helped us focus on user research and applying the insights - something I had zero experience with.  I was able to sketch along side them to develop the initial concept - LPK created the early CAD concepts and I worked with our inside engineering to to maintain desgn intent.  
Some early canister vac concepts for Panasonic - they had a cool named 'exaustless' at that time, basically the nozzle would recycle the air that came out of the exhaust...not sure whatever happened to this. 

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