Stryker Neptune S Waste Management System - 2023

The Neptune S is a surgical waste management system that keeps liquids contained and safe from spills without the added waste of plastic canisters.  I was project manager and designer on this along with Rachel Wallace who was responsible for the initial ID concept.   The Stryker team partnered with us (Delve) to develop an new Neptune system designed specifically for ambulatory and GI clinics..
The GUI work was completed by Ken Soliva in collaboration with the Stryker team.  The Neptune S has a main GUI on the front for controlling the Neptune during procedures.  The secondary GUI on back is use during the docking and cleaning actions as well as critical alerts.  
Process images:  Above - Early thumbnail sketches and CAD studies incorporating Stryker's design principles.  Below:  We made a series of prototypes from foam core scale models to rough, functioning models ready for test during the formative studies.  Dr. Amrish Chourasia (Pictured) lead the human factors effort. 
The Stryker team was a lot of fun to work with.  Colonoscopies and Polyps are...well not that fun.  In advance of a key milestone, we made T-Shirts to celebrate the work we were doing. 

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